The Qualified Association Specialist Program

The Qualified Association Specialist (QAS) Certificate Program is an affordable educational program for professionals in the association industry. This online training program provides a broad base view of the principles in association management.  The QAS Certificate Program helps all staff connect how various association functions/departments work together.

The program gathers seasoned experts from around the country to present a comprehensive overview of the many facets of working in or with an association – from the legal and financial “business model” of associations’ unique governance/volunteer structure, to understanding the key principles of membership, communications, events, social media/communities, non-dues revenue programs, public policy and data management. These industry leaders share their knowledge with you through 12 online modules, approximately an hour each to enhance your career in association management.

The Qualified Association Specialist program qualifies for 12 CAE Credit hours*

“I truly enjoyed the formal explanation of social media and online communities. As the social media manager for our association, this was the type of information that I was looking for. It was social media from the unique association perspective. Plus I’m really enjoying the program overall. It’s a great way to learn on my own time, and it has already proven itself a valuable tool for a foundation in association management.”
– Jacob Wilder, BOMA Georgia

“The Qualified Association Specialist (QAS) program is an excellent professional development opportunity for anyone in association management. Even after two years in the field and a wealth of knowledge from other professional development activities, the 12 modules in the QAS program offered validation of the work I already do and new insight to areas I can improve.  Each lesson always gave me at least one “A-HA” moment that I was able to apply in my daily work immediately. I recommend this program to anyone in association management. It is a great value for FSAE members and an even better value for associations to provide for their staff.”
– Richard Brown, Florida Music Educators Association

“I highly recommend the Qualified Association Specialist program to anyone in association management.  Originally, I thought that the course would be perfect for our staff level employees that weren’t familiar with associations or that we needed to cross train on other program areas.  However, when I went through it, I found that the education content would help anyone better understand the principles of association management. I have seen other programs that teach the same concepts but they were well over $1,000.  This program provided even more in terms of association principles, but for a price point that any association can afford. Top notch program!”
– Rachel Luoma, FSAE Education Committee Chair



*FSAE is a CAE Approved Provider.  The program above meets the requirements for fulfilling the professional development requirements to earn or maintain the Certified Association Executive credential.  Every program that we offer which qualifies for CAE credit will clearly identify the number of CAE credits granted for full participation, and we will maintain records of your participation in accord with CAE policies.  For more information about the CAE credential or Approved Provider program, please visit

As a CAE Approved Provider educational program related to the CAE exam content outline, this program may be applied for 12 credits toward your CAE application or renewal professional development requirements.

Please note that self-study programs can only account for a maximum of 50% of the professional development credits needed for the exam and renewal applications (max of 50 credits for the exam, and 20 credits max for renewal.)

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